Celebrating women of St Helens

For Women’s Day – Victoria Brokenshire has written a lovely article with wonderful old photos – about the Women of St Helens. A superb snapshot.

St. Helens Through the Lens

International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women around the world.

We take a look through the George Street Photography collection to celebrate the ordinary and extraordinary women of St Helens back in the 1950s.

5868_Triplex_Views_For_Publishing_04 1 A worker bevels safety glass at Triplex, St Helens, 1950s

6095_Public_Blogs_May_Oral_Portraits_Mrs_McDonald Jane Donald became Mayor of St Helens in 1955

5868_triplex_views_for_publishing_02-1 A glass cutter working on safety glass at Triplex, St Helens, 1950s

102_Fibreglass_Presentation_02 1 Rhoda Puncheon, the first Forewoman at Fibreglass retires in 1960

No_Code2_Sheila_Vaugham Sheila Vaughan, professional golf player who represented England internationally, c1955

6004_Hayes_2_Nurses_Together_02 Two nurses from St Helens, c1950s

The George Street Photography collection is a set of over 3000 glass plate negatives that were discovered in a pet shop.  The glass negatives feature scenes of people, places and events in St Helens from the 1950s.  They have now been digitised and are being catalogued and explored thanks to support from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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