11 O’Clock Comics Interview

The 11 O’Clock Comics podcast has a special place in my heart and I am thrilled to have been interviewed by the throbbing hunk of man that is David A Price. Please follow the link below and give it a read. It gives a few insights into the inner working of THE ONCE AND FUTURE…

Rick And Morty

I know, I know. I’m late to the game but holy frijoles! This is the greatest thing since sliced arepas! I won’t lie. I want to do story about them. Just putting it out there into the Multiverse. Have a look at the colour process video below the picture! Ciao babies.

Epic Rap Battles Of History

I had the distinct pleasure of being asked to supply some artwork for this episode of ERB. If you haven’t seen these amazing videos, do yourself a favour and look them up on YouTube. They are hilarious, super clever and always pertinent. These are truly talented people utilising the internet as a perfect delivery system for…


I love mongolian traditional and ceremonial attire! I could look at it all day. I wish we could wear that sort of stuff… Here’s Hawkboy, the snotty younger brother to that delightful Eagle Huntress lassie.

Inspired by Rogue One Trailer

Just saw the new trailer. Blimey, that looks great. So, I’ve got some ideas for Star Wars stories (nudge nudge wink wink Jordan White) and here’s a design I came up with. He’s some sort of handsome tech geezer with his droid companion. That’s right. R5 D4.