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Well, hi everyone! I am super pleased to announce that I have written and drawn my first STAR WARS story for IDW Publishing’s STAR WARS ADVENTURES Issue 9, which comes out in April. Those of you that know me will realise that this is something of a high point for me as I’m an ENORMOUS Star Wars fan. Please feel free to check out the Previews or ask at your local comic shop about ordering a copy! If you’re in the UK you can order it here at Forbidden Planet.

If you love IG-88 and Star Wars Bounty Hunters as well as groovy creatures, you’re going to love this story! Exciting! STAR WARS ADVENTURES is also available on Comixology so you’ll be able to read these stories digitally. If you like this kind of fun, please share with anyone that you think might also enjoy it!

Until next time, my lovely chums, ciao for now!