Ripley, Newt and the Alien Queen


In celebration of this year’s #AlienDay on 24th April I shared the completed colours on my recently finished Alien’s commission.

I’m really happy with how this piece came out.  Ripley is perhaps the most heroic of all the great characters from that incredible period of film-making. While I was drawing it, I was filled with real emotion for her. She embodies all that so many real women are: Strong and driven while still maternal and caring. She inspires me!

If you’d like an art commission, please contact me through this link: NICK’S BIG CARTEL

Cheers all!



Once And Future Queen – Process Panel #1

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Here’s me inking a panel from Issue 3 of The Once And Future Queen from Dark Horse Comics.

Tools: Tachikawa G-Nib, Koh-i-Noor Handle. Speedball Super Black Ink.

Music by yours truly. A little tune about Amelia and Lemmy.

Epic Rap Battles Of History


I had the distinct pleasure of being asked to supply some artwork for this episode of ERB. If you haven’t seen these amazing videos, do yourself a favour and look them up on YouTube. They are hilarious, super clever and always pertinent. These are truly talented people utilising the internet as a perfect delivery system for their art. Flippin’ splendid.

Clink the link below to watch the Rap Battle!

Trump vs Hillary ERB

Click the link below to watch the making of the poster video!

Making the poster!


Making the poster!