Epic Rap Battles Of History

I had the distinct pleasure of being asked to supply some artwork for this episode of ERB. If you haven’t seen these amazing videos, do yourself a favour and look them up on YouTube. They are hilarious, super clever and always pertinent. These are┬átruly talented people utilising the internet as a perfect delivery system for their art. Flippin’ splendid.

Clink the link below to watch the Rap Battle!

Trump vs Hillary ERB

Click the link below to watch the making of the poster video!

Making the poster!


Making the poster!

Lean, Mean Batman

Of course I adore Miller’s lumbering brutal Bat, but I also have mad love for Kelly Jones’s quasi-supernatural take on him so in my head he’s a mix of the two. I’d love to do a story about this guy. I shall ink this dude, presently.



I love mongolian traditional and ceremonial attire! I could look at it all day. I wish we could wear that sort of stuff… Here’s Hawkboy, the snotty younger brother to that delightful Eagle Huntress lassie.